Weight Solutions

Cavitation Cellulite Reduction System

rf machine

This treatment recommended for someone who wants to improve their body, particularly those areas that have not responded to exercises or other weight loss treatments. This treatment combines the two technologies of Cavitation ultrasound, radio frequency (RF) together. During the session, cavitation reaches the ideal effect for cellulite reduction. The RF energies is delivered to the deeper layers of fat and skin making the skin firmer and smoother.


$300 each part of the body (Arms, Legs, Abdomen, Buttocks)


Acupuncture for Weight Loss


The practise of acupuncture is a weight loss remedy that is not only safe and painless but also effective. It speeds up the metabolism process, promotes fat metabolism and increases the heat production while using up the accumulated body fat.


10 sessions  (1HR x 10)     $680