Laser Hair Removal

Diode Laser Hair Removal System

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808 diode laser hair removal is accomplished when destroying the hair follicle unit by thermal damage of laser fluence and thus inhibiting future hair regrowth by the follicle. The widely optional pulse duration (50 to 1000ms) of 808 diode laser system can produce thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells and ensure follicular destruction. In order to minimize the uncomfortable of thermal damage to surrounding skin cells, an efficient skin-cooling system (Sapphire cooling tip) is used to chill the skin before, during and after the hair removal treatment. Therefore, 808 diode laser is effective in treating all skin types from white to dark skin quickly, conveniently and safely.

Lip/Chin    $75

Underarm   $70

Half Arm   $150

Full Arm   $150

Shoulder    $150

Full Back   $250

G-String   $120

Brazilian    $150

Buttocks   $80

Lower Legs   $250

Upper Legs   $300

Chest/Stomach   $200