Q: What’s the difference between Lotion P50, Lotion P50W and Lotion P50V?
A: The results for Lotion P50, Lotion P50 W and Lotion P50V are the same. They all gently exfoliates the skin while balancing the pH. The difference between the three is:
  • Lotion P50: This is the strongest one and is good for “normal” skin type. It is also good for oilier skin.
  • Lotion P50V: This is for less toned or devitalized skin and more mature skin as it is vitamin-enriched to brighten the skin and make it glow.
  • Lotion P50W: This is the gentlest one of the three and is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is recommended for sensitive skin.
Q: So how can I purchase these products?
A: There are three ways to purchase Biologique Recherche products from Laguna Day Spa. You can either,
  • Call us on (02) 8065988 and purchase with a credit card. (no surcharges)
  • Email us at info@lagunadayspa.com.au and provide us your credit card details as well as your address.
  • Simply come into our salon at 6 East Parade Eastwood 2122
Q: How much is the shipping fee?
A: The express shipping fee is $10. However, there is free express shipping if you purchase for full prices over $500. 
  • Please note that products can only be shipped within Australia.
Q: Can I have a massage if I am pregnant? 
A: As long as you are over 12 weeks pregnant, we can perform a massage for you. Performing a massage on a woman pregnant for less than 12 weeks can be dangerous for both you and your unborn child. Always speak to your doctor before booking any body treatments while pregnant.
 Q: Do I have to bring the voucher in order to receive the service? 
A: Yes,  treat the voucher just like a credit card and cash, once lost we cannot not redeem it for you. The voucher must be present, in order to receive your skin or body treatments. 
Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: A 100% charge will apply to any treatments cancelled with less than 24-hours notice. This applies for no shows and gift certificate bookings. We will ask you for your credit card details at the point of booking or your gift voucher number.