Beauty Facial

USpa Facials:

Signature Spa Facial | 60mins-$108
Relax, Renew, Restore and Rejuvenate! This signature facial using USpa products, an Australian brand which combines nature with science, includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, aromatherapy mask, scalp massage, neck and shoulder mask. This beauty facial is perfect for total relaxation.
24K Gold Luxury Facial | 90min-$168
 This opulent facial reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens the skin. Gold caviar penetrates the skin removing dirt and excess oil and brightens the skin while making it more resilient, providing an anti-ageing effect. A top of the line skin care solution.

Biologique Recherche Deluxe Facials:

VIP O2 Oxygenating Facials | 75 mins -$188
With its unique formula exclusive to Biologique Recherche, the amazing Face Lotion P50 is the key element of this purifying and revitalising ritual. This treatment is a moment of total well-being and relaxation, which oxygenates the skin, smoothes facial contours and immediately gives you a radiant complexion.
RECOMMENDED FOR: Stressed, devitalised or sensitive skin
Brightening & Moisturising Facials |75 mins-$188
This luxurious brightening and moisturising ritual features a perfect combination of exfoliation, rehydrating and bio-energy massages. A wonderful moment of well-being and relaxation that brightening the skin, relaxes your features and leaves you glowing with health from the first day of treatment.
RECOMMENDED FOR: Stressed and dehydrated skins
Firming & Anti-Ageing Facials |75 mins-$188
This advanced facial will begin with a deep cleanse followed by our firming facial products to Revitalise, firm and tone your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. During your treatment your skin will receive firm, smooth and youthful.
 RECOMMENDED FOR:Devitalised or dull skin
Specialised Therapy Facial | 90 mins-$188
-Pigment Spots Treatment
-Eye Contour Area Treatment (wrinkles, dark circles, puffy)